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Additional Testimonials


“I have been cared for by all three doctors in this practice and have always appreciated their level of thoroughness and responsiveness.” – A.D.

“Dr. Sarah Jacobson is extremely thorough, conscientious, and professional.  I was diagnosed with melanoma when I was 39 years old.  I am totally fine now, but I only trust Dr. Jacobson to give me skin checks.  I have referred several friends to her and will continue to do so.” – T.I

“Dr. Beth Gould is a great doctor.  I had an emergency with severe hives (while 7 months pregnant) and my OB had to send me to a dermatologist the same day.  Being pregnant means you have to be careful with medications, and Dr. Gould took so much care in examining me and talking with my OB to work out a good plan.  It was such a relief to have the help when I needed it the most.  Dr. Gould is unbelievable.  I can’t remember a doctor who is so caring and genuine (by the way, it was the first time I met her.  I am not a long time patient who gets special privileges).  Her diagnosis and instructions were clear, and she was firm in telling me not to speculate and to deal with one set of scenarios at a time.  Hearing it from the doctor definitely made me feel reassured.  Her office called me every couple of days to follow up.  It totally feels like Dr. Gould is part of my health care team.  She was there when I needed her the most.  I can’t thank her enough.” –A.W.

“My wife and I have been Dr. William Gould’s patients for about 20 years.  I see him every 6 months for skin cancer checks due to high lifetime sun exposure.  During one of these checks, his thoroughness and astuteness led to the discovery of basal cell carcinoma on the crown of my head, under my hair.  I completely missed it during self-examination.  He also discovered a melanoma on my wife’s back.  His early detection, and referral to a specialist for surgery, promptly resolved potentially life-threatening problems.  For that, I’ll always be grateful.  I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Gould.  He is a highly-qualified, caring, cultured physician who always puts his patient’s welfare first.” –L.Y.

“I am so thankful to have found Dr. Jacobson. I have been seeing her for more than a year and she has helped me with my medically necessary and cosmetic dermatologic needs.  She is knowledgeable and has an excellent bedside manner.  I always feel that she is concerned about me as a person, not just as a patient.  She takes her time to answer all of my questions and is willing to work with me to create a treatment plan that meets my needs and addresses my concerns.  I have found her office staff to be very friendly and helpful as well.  I highly recommend Dr. Jacobson.” – J.S.

“Once in your lifetime you meet someone who changes your life…that person for me is Dr. Elizabeth Gould.  Not only is she fabulous doctor, but I consider her to be my friend.  She has always done very thorough skin checks, and several years ago she removed a mole from my back.  These have reduced the problems caused by sun damage, age spots and broken capillaries and have improved the appearance of the skin on my arms, hands and face.  Dr. Gould is highly-qualified and experienced in both the medical and cosmetic issues of dermatology.  She is easy to talk to, sensitive to my concerns, and provides clear answers to my questions.  I trust her absolutely and recommend her highly.” – P.M.

“My husband and I have been patients of Dr. William Gould for more decades than I care to admit.  Dr. Gould is a pleasant, understanding physician who listens to you and takes immediate steps to treat your ailment very efficiently.  He always personally follows up with a phone call to report any test results.  Dr. Gould stands out above 95% of other physicians I have seen in respecting his patient’s time, which is reflected in how his office staff schedules appointments.  I have never been kept waiting more than a couple of minutes, if at all.  William Gould is an excellent dermatologist with a friendly office staff.” –B.C.

“Dr. Jacobson really takes her time to ensure a thorough examination and that all my questions are answered.  I’m so grateful for her meticulous and expert examination.  According to my surgeon, Dr. Jacobson caught an issue incredibly early on, sparing me from any significant medical issues.  Dr. Jacobson is incredibly accessible, including coming in early to accommodate my schedule and staying late to immediately squeeze me in when I discovered an issue I was concerned about.” –M.L.

“Dr. William Gould has been my dermatologist for 20 years, during which time he has saved me from life threatening skin problems repeatedly.  I trust his kind, gentle but frank analysis implicitly.  I look forward to many more years of his considerate perceptive care.” –T.K.


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